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Each entry is another chapter in the journey that God is guiding me on as I continue to fall in love with Him and discover myself."There is a season for wildness and a season for settledness... This is a season of becoming." - Shauna Niequist I cried when I saw my dad. I knew I was going to cry - even if it was just my parents - but Matthew had surprised me and came to the airport too.I asked God that question everyday and he still hasn’t given me a straight answer.Maybe I learned too much from this experience to come out of it with a tagline or a 3 point sermon.By all accounts, it appears as if Janelle was present in North Carolina when her granddaughter arrived, although it's unclear if the same can be said about Kody. Lately, according to a wide variety of sources and outlets, there has been tension between Janelle, Kody and his other wives: Meri, Christine and Robyn.There's even been talk that Kody may be in the market for a fifth wife as a result.

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Singing the song “So Will I” left me in tears - ‘if the stars were made to worship’, ‘a hundred billion creatures catch your breath’, ‘every painted sky a canvas of Your grace’, ‘if the rocks cry out in silence’, and ‘I can see your heart 8 billion different ways’..."I didn’t spend much time in the common areas, instead setting up my bedroom as the living space." This whole set-up just seems so unhealthy for all the women involved.With credits in Glee, The X Factor (US) and Fired Up, she is an accomplished dancer who has worked with acclaimed choreographers Will Da Beast Adams and Dejan Tubic. She was already racking up television credits in as early as 1997.some of which I have described in the past few chapters.

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I wrote about my experience with reverse culture shock on social media a few days ago. when I closed my eyes I was met with images of faces and places I had seen.As previously reported, Janelle spent Mother’s Day Kody, seeming "very lonely,” a Radar Online insider said this past spring. But some Sister Wives fans have read a lot into the picture, thinking Janelle may have released it as a way to hint that everything is totally fine between her and Kody.

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