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27-Oct-2019 06:50

In the latest version of Moments, we’ve made sharing even more “musical”.Now, you can search and add song snippets from We Chat’s comprehensive music collection to the videos you shoot and share to your Moments.It’s a hassle to back out of your article mid-stream in order to check your messages.Floating Window was initially introduced in 2017 as a way for you to save your place and minimize an article while checking other parts of We Chat like chats.Tapping on the Floating Window tab shows all of the screens that you’ve “floated” and can easily reopen.

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We’ve now greatly expanded Floating Window so that you can “float” up to 10 different windows.

Windows can be articles, document previews, or nearly any other type of content.

Also, while sharing photos or videos, you can now search a song title, artist, or lyrics to accompany your video.

An additional option allows you to display a song’s lyrics.When viewing a music or audio Mini Program, you’ll also be able to see what’s playing via our new music display in Floating Window.