Updating debian etch to lenny Meet horny people

30-Oct-2019 02:32

I haven’t even complained about Ted not showing up where it should in the menus and my not being able to figure out how to put Ted where I want it in GNOME (yes, I used alacarte (here’s the Debian bug situation), and no, it didn’t let me add menu items (another Lenny bug, perhaps?) — it almost makes me want to run straight toward Xfce and Fluxbox … Moral: Debian giveth and taketh away, but it remains damn good.But for my purposes I made the decision to stick with apt-get based on conclusions and observations of others. Although I don't know how to recall the actual command I gave for the upgrade, I suspect it might not have been: apt-get dist-upgrade, but "apt-get full upgrade". Since then I've just used aptitude since it works the same from the command line.At this point, I’m considering running both Puppy and DSL as live CDs with no OS on the puny hard drive, which would only be used for swap and storage (I could even replace the spinning hard drive with a Compact Flash chip or disk-on-module).

updating debian etch to lenny-81

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Please tell me: How do I update Virtualmin 3.50 GPL to the latest version?

Whether this would make a difference or not, I dunno. : D When I did the dist-upgrade from Sarge to Etch years ago, that note about aptitude being preferred was in the release notes.