Updating blizzard launcher

17-Dec-2019 00:29

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That could help determine if there's a network issue (firewall, router security) or something else) ^KAL I understand the main steps in the article won't work, I mention the self-service option specifically (it's a link in the article).This won't require you to login to the character, it's all done through the website. I can confirm if the ticket is there or not ^KAL If you're still encountering this issue, start by uninstalling the app and deleting your app data cache.If you're being disconnected frequently, we recommend starting with the troubleshooting steps available here: blizz.ly/2NLv Pgu ^KAL If you need to appeal an account penalty, the only way to do that is through a support ticket.

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If you are having trouble logging in now, try completing a password reset: blizz.ly/2MM1f Ux ^KAL Thanks for the report Alex.

Are you able to try accessing the show through a different network?

Like, on a mobile device over mobile data (not wifi)?

^KAL For security and compliance reasons, our agents won't be allowed to take your card information over a live contact.

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Instead of attempting to save the card to your profile, can you try just checking out and applying your payment method during that process?

At some point, you’re likely to have had some trouble accessing a certain web page because a cached file on your PC has become corrupted.