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The evolution of case design also helps pinpoint the year a case was released.

The main case casting number was used for either a specific year or series of years. Some cases may look identical and have a different casting number but have the same GM part number.

The party will also be a great time for the daters to continue what you started!!

I can guarantee that most people reading this book will never see some of the items I’ve stumbled across.

Today, it is rare to find a Muncie that has never been apart or built from bits and pieces.

Untouched “survivor” Muncies are rare; so are the ones that have correct correlating casting and serial numbers.

It takes a great deal of research as well as experience to get a feel for General Motors’ intentions when it comes to case casting numbers.

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Most of the books and articles I have seen, combined with some bits of Internet folklore, tend to have the same flaws because most information is copied and simply edited and resubmitted.(The M does not stand for “Muncie.”) This 1967 Corvette has a build sheetwith an RPO code for an M21 closeratio4-speed.