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Though not all human beings may attach great importance to them, every society contains practices that are recognisably religious. For atheist missionaries this is a decidedly awkward question. Yet they never ask what evolutionary function this species-wide phenomenon serves.

There is an irresolvable contradiction between viewing religion naturalistically – as a human adaptation to living in the world – and condemning it as a tissue of error and illusion. On a much more upbeat note, noted progressive journalist/blogger Ana Marie Cox’s “Why I’m Coming Out as a Christian” on The Daily Beast has been making the rounds, and for good reason.

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But if I understand God’s grace correctly, the miracle of redemption is that I was found all along.There is no more reason to think science can determine human values today than there was at the time of Haeckel or Huxley…It’s impossible to read much contemporary polemic against religion without the impression that for the “new atheists” the world would be a better place if Jewish and Christian monotheism had never existed. You wanted to say 'relationship', but he never asked you out. But you feel your actions have qualified you to be his girlfriend, so on a second thought, you spit it out. With those words, you cannot even justify your heart break.

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For the first time since you started self-dating (Yes that's what you've been doing ) you question your senses and realize you have not been using them at all. You manage to carry what's left of your dignity (not quite much) as you leave his room.

You curse all you can, but within you, you know you don't have a case.