Sedating children on long haul flights

16-Jan-2020 12:08

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I learned eventually and prepared myself all the travel essentials for long-haul flights.Even your itinerary says your connection is just three hours, to be honest, no one can prepare you for what will happen.Anyone who has ever flown long haul will have witnessed the distress caused to fellow passengers by screaming children, but what about the anxiety felt by the parents?Uncomfortable under the glare of irate travellers how far will some parents go to control their children?TIP: Be a responsible traveller, pack eco-friendly travel accessories and products.Here are very useful few travel accessories for long flights.

The first time I had to fly internationally was a long flight, it was between the Philippines to Denmark in 2013 for about 31 hours with connections and no one told me what to expect.

It can also be used during your connections or bus rides. Block those bright lights and get your beauty sleep wherever airport and flight you are in.