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It's been nearly three years since the dead began to rise, and a rapidly increasing population of supernatural threats are on the move. RPo L is one of the oldest play-by-post roleplaying communities on the web, providing free membership for anyone to host and participate in any game system or communal story line.They can shift at will, except at night, no matter if there is a full moon or not. They're pretty much like the Silver Bloods minus the fact they shift into dogs, and not wolves. The two types of werewolves are afraid that this new virus will eventually lead to their extinction or them being exposed to humans, something no one wants to happen.Veins Of Black and Silver What is Member Of The Month?Just like a job, you did the work to get there, but now you have to stay there.

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Be sure to pick someone you know and trust, but aren’t great friends with. Make sure there are no prior crushes or major attractions to this person.

One of the key elements you have to work on is your sex life.