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Think "Latinas in hip-hop," and you're more likely to conjure up images of curvaceous video vixens than rappers slaying it — but the truth is Latinos have existed in hip-hop from its inception. Rivera reminds us in her book inherently Puerto Rican culture.

More than four decades after its genesis, Latinas of various national and cultural identities have also been a part of hip-hop.

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Also, what is the Alt-rights obsession with using the term "fascist"?

Hailing from Havana, Danay's sound infuses hip-hop, jazz, and Cuban music. Growing up Peruvian-American in the '90s directly impacted her musically with rappers like Common and D. artist Logic inspiring Aye Yo Smiley as much as listening to her father's boleros, Selena, TLC, and the Spice Girls did.