Nonoxidating powered by simple machines

17-Sep-2019 07:04

Examples of a wheel and axle - door knobs, screwdrivers (the whole screwdriver), water faucets, handlebars on a bike, airplane propellers, helicopter blades, fan blades, wheels on a car. A gear is a wheel with teeth along its circumference.Effort is exerted on one of the gears, causing the other gear to turn.One function of the screw is to fasten things – the standard screw or nuts & bolts. Airplane propellers, helicopter blades, and fan blades are screws that screw through the air. Most every machine built requires the use of some form of screw to fasten it together. As you turn the screw, the threads seem to “PULL” the Screw into the wood. The wheel and axle is a wheel connected to a rigid pole.Rollers were the forerunner the wheel, several logs placed under a heavy object.

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Every Lever has three (3) parts: First Class Lever The fulcrum (fixed pivot point) is located between the effort and the resistance forces. The effort and the resistance move in opposite directions.When the fulcrum is closer to the resistance than to the effort, there is a loss in speed and distance, but a gain in force.