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A Superstar’s signature style isn’t always limited to his entrance music, ring gear and their particular arsenal of maneuvers.Many WWE Superstars have chosen to express themselves by adding distinct, instantly recognizable works of art to their skin as well.Santino's tats include a dragon on his forearm, a winged figure on his bicep and a giant lion on his back.The one that comes across as the most visually appealing and all-around awesome, though, is the image of Conan the Barbarian perched on the left side of his chest.( PHOTOS)"My love of the Muppets really started when I was young and first saw 'Muppet Babies' and then a show called 'Muppets Tonight,' " Hornswoggle told when he added Gonzo to his tat collection in 2011.The mischievous grappler has admitted he's spent "thousands of dollars" on Muppet merchandise over the years in addition to his growing list of Muppet tattoo tributes. When Sean O'Haire took a darker, more sinister turn as an in-ring competitor, his choice of ink soon followed suit.While it's not the most recognizable of his tattoos, the ink on Edge's left arm has the greatest artistic appeal of the bunch, and one that stands out from many other Superstar tattoos.

The tribal design on his right arm, however, was definitely real and served as a formidable complement to The Samoan Bulldozer's presence every time the rampant drums of his entrance music sounded.

Mideon, best known for his deranged role in Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness, has numerous pieces of ink on both arms as well as an image of an eyeball tattooed on the back of his head.

But the one that stands out for its coolness factor is the portrait of Doc Holliday on his left arm.

From a prayer to Jesus that a WWE fan gave him to the names of his daughter and son, Aalyah and Dominik, The Human Highlight Reel filled his skin with ink that represents his enduring ties to family, religion and tradition.

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Perhaps the piece that most accurately displayed his identity as a Superstar is the set of wings emblazoned on his chest. may have developed a bit of a reputation for being unoriginal and cliché, but when Goldberg first charged onto the sports-entertainment scene in the late '90s, his tribal ink was the perfect representation of his brute strength and ferocious attitude.

James Dean Bradfield of the Preachers recently offered to record Barrett's future entrance theme, to which the British Superstar responded on Twitter: "Mind: Blown."Throughout history, the right arm has enjoyed a special place in art and literature, an image commonly used to represent the strength and justice of authority.

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