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She used Jack Porter, who had an invitation to Nolan's Housewarming Bash, to ask Nolan about the cover.Margaux began to get closer to Jack, but angrier toward Daniel for their differences in opinion. Margaux invited Jack, who didn't come because of Aiden's threat.

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The 31 years old, Campbell had this relationship with the actress till 1996, then again, it was over.She told him that she would go to Emily's party, then Daniel explains that Emily is his fiancée.At the party Daniel introduces Emily and Margaux to each other.Even though since his early ages, Campbell has always had the knack for acting, he has also always loved rugby.

He got to play for the UVA Rugby Football Club, Chicago Lions RFC, as well as the Santa Monica Rugby Club.

For many people who have faithfully followed different TV series, it will be very hard to have missed the face of Billy Campbell or to claim not to know him.

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