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24-Jan-2020 01:59

Many years ago, resumes potentially contained personal information such as marital status, number of children, and hobbies.

Today, that type of information could become HR's worst nightmare.

A recent college graduate may choose to do so (and even place Education prior to Professional History) simply because he or she doesn't have any relevant professional experience at this point. Typically, resume writers will recommend only including the relevant past positions within the last 15 years of employment.

However, for the rest of us, dating your education can cause age discrimination. The most frequent question I receive from clients is how far back to go on their resume. If you really have trouble killing some of your career darlings, you can include your older job positions in a Career Note at the end of your professional history just be sure to omit any dates.

Has that much changed since you last applied for a new position in 1995 — or even 2005? Here are some key resume tips you'll want to implement when updating your outdated resume to ensure your application sees the light of day.

Gone are the days of stating why you want to boost your skills, share your talents, and optimize your career path. If you are sending out your modern resume, your objective is to land an interview.

Not updating your CV can leave you unprepared and at risk of not making a good impression on employers.

To avoid this, learn how to revamp your CV the right way.

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It also encourages you to look at your career development as a whole, review your skills and decide what your next step is going to be.

If you want to pursue a career in IT, then that information should be presented first in this section.

This allows you to adjust the resume as needed for future opportunities.

Refer to examples, and quantify your accomplishments to show future employers what you can do.

As you progress in your job and career, you equip yourself with new experiences.Also, it might be a good idea to include other types of professional skills on your CV.

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