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#Thursday Thoughts When you find yourself inferring intentions from actions, stop. But unless you're telepathic, you can't know why they happened. #Saturday Thoughts The point of leadership is not to accumulate followers.

It's to make a group more than the sum of its parts. Servant leaders unite people for collective purpose.

A better test of character is whether you keep rooting for them when they're down. They need support more when they're struggling than when they're succeeding. It's time to pay attention to collaboration, creativity, and character.

#Saturday Thoughts A core task of leadership is keeping your ego in check. "To change what you treasure, change what you measure."…

A sign of wisdom is the ability to appreciate the wisdom of others, instead of limiting your learning to your own experience. If work is independent and people are capable, don't tether them to an office. Value results alone, and you lose trust and respect. Listen because you respect the intellectual integrity they bring to their questions.

Possessing a virtue makes it easier to see in others. You learn more from people who challenge your thought process than from those who affirm your conclusions.

Looking back, it’s rare to wish you had stayed silent and followed the crowd more often.

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I'm a straight guy that just happens to be what I do.

#Thursday Thoughts Feeling someone else's pain is meaningless if you do nothing about it.