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18-Dec-2019 17:19

Hopefully they will be old enough that it will be none of my business!!

Lynnie Well, the girls in my school starting having sex around 14 or 15 (and that was a good 20 years ago), so yep, I wouldn't be surprised if they are now starting at 12 or 13.

No one is immune from their child becoming PG as a teen & it's something that I am sure all teens are faced with.

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Maybe my parents sheltered me too much, but I don't think I even understood the mechanisms of sex until I was at least 11, and even then couldn't imagine kissing a boy, let alone sex!I know a male who's first sexual encounter was at 12 and it was with an older woman of 17. I think he had quite a drought after that episode though!My girls and I are pretty close and honestly they wouldn't have any opportunity to have sex with our life the way it is now, they rarely go anywhere there are boys present and they are usually in packs (of girls) I would be horrified if they even wanted to have sex that young and I hope with the way we function as a family will give them the confidence to be open with me in particular when that time should arise or they are old enough to want to start. As for whether parents would know about it I doubt it.

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I have friends that lost their virginity at 13 but that was 20 years ago so I guess 12 is not so much of a leap.

Goodness growing up was hard enough without sex being an issue as well!