Gentoo kde updating applications

04-Nov-2019 23:19

What’s really neat about Gentoo is that you can log into a desktop environment using the live CD and install Gentoo via the command line.

But for those with the minimal CD, navigation is a bit different.

Once you’ve slogged through the core install, this is where the fun begins.

Gentoo kindly provides a recommended applications list in its Wiki. For starters, you might wish to install a desktop environment. You can obtain a gorgeous splash screen by running: You’ll notice two versions.

If you select the live CD, you’ll have a live version of Gentoo complete with a desktop environment.

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After a normal zypper dup yesterday (zypper history at the end of post) I get only a blank plasmashell and krunner after login and some KDE apps (e.g. Other KDE apps like dolphin or Konsole and pure Qt apps are working fine though. SUSE: Board#Members Knurpht Knurpht This is due to a bug in Mesa which has already been fixed, updated package has been pushed through the Update repo. you need to remove both /var/lib/sddm/.cache and your users' ~/.cache , since the broken packages have already writen a corrupted cache.

Gentoo employs the portage package management and software distribution system.

Using the emerge command performs a local update, seeks out a download or package and completes the compile and installation along with dependencies.

A true Linux operating system for power users, Gentoo Linux offers full control over software installations. But with the right knowledge, you can gain considerable control over your PC with Gentoo Linux!

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Gentoo Linux is a minimal Linux operating system boasting total system control.

It’s unique among Linux distributions (“distros”) for its locally compiled source code.

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