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It's never totally clear from the outset whether the guy buying you a drink truly understands that it doesn't buy him access to your body — or your time.And you just don't know if the man holding the door for you does it because, deep down, he also holds you in lesser regard.And if by some miracle, you do manage to exchange contact info with a guy, he'll often put minimal effort into making plans or trying to impress you in the unlikely event that you do wind up on an actual date — and whatever you do, don't call it that.Instead, Vancouverites often "hang out" with their new friends for months, or even years, in undefined relationships aimed at lowering the emotional stakes but invariably leading to mismatched expectations and hurt feelings.One need only look to Stampede, where both sexes are encouraged to ditch their wedding rings and participate in a highly sexualized, heteronormative atmosphere that isn't exactly grounded in mutual respect.The influx of people from other parts of Canada and the world over the last decade has begun to challenge those staid notions of sexuality and gender.The former seem to represent an inherent clash of values — she's never totally certain whether they see her as an equal or a conquest.We want someone secure enough in the knowledge we are equals, and in their masculinity, to be able play with the power dynamics between men and women that allow us to feel desired, cared for and respected.

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Calgary: The Road Ahead is CBC Calgary's special focus on our city as it passes through the crucible of the downturn: the challenges we face, and the possible solutions as we explore what kind of Calgary we want to create. Her work has appeared in outlets across the country including the National Post, CBC News, Vancouver Magazine and Avenue Magazine.And, in this city at least, that often means relying on some traditional gender roles that could be considered either charming or outdated, depending on your perspective.Partly because it seems like a throwback to the stifling gender norms women — and men — throughout the developed world have been vehemently working to dismantle in the wake of #Me Too; and partly because I found I really liked this old-fashioned expression of courtship.That's why she urges all her clients to look past first impressions and give their dates a chance to reveal hidden depths.

Calgary men can present a certain veneer of machismo, she admitted, but beneath the surface, they are often more complex than meets the eye.

And then there's another group of men who, to me, were very meek, very docile men who were very sweet and gentle and calm and kind.