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Larger companies normally have their own expeditors who can perform all four levels.Third parties then are only used when in-house capacity is overstretched or a neutral third party is needed.After inspection they notify the involved parties and banks about their findings; if everything is as agreed the bank will initiate the transfer of the price of the goods to the supplier.In this way, the supplier secures his liquidity as he is paid immediately when the components leave his factory (letter of credit) and the customer/bank knows that the goods will be delivered correctly.With over 940 offices globally, Bureau Veritas can provide expeditors at many international locations.All of our Expediters follow the same established procedures, whereby, no matter the geographic location, our clientele can expect a uniform level of service.

Expediting exists in several levels: As the different levels of expediting require different skills, specialists and laboratories, many third party expeditors specialize in only one or several of these levels, while few offer expediting services on all levels.

Often, time is of the essence and we have the ability to move from a design sketch to filing of the applications within days.

Global expediting activities require a provider with a unique international network.

In addition to architectural services, we also offer expediting services.

This is a unique and powerful tool which we are happy to provide, as most architects outsource this aspect of the project.Our expediters analyze the critical path of fabrication, including: Bureau Veritas's Expediting Services provide onsite monitoring and follow-up on the progress of critical path tasks.

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