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11-Jan-2020 22:51

Naturally he was gutted, and I ended up being with his ex for four years.

As I was doing the walk of shame downstairs I spotted his younger, and much fitter brother, Louis.

It will hit him where it hurts and these girls have done exactly that: I had a boyfriend of two years, but I always flirted with his best friend behind his back.

Our flirtationship was like a forbidden fruit, it got so bad because there was obviously sexual chemistry between us.

You’ve started seeing a guy, things are going well and then you meet his best friend.

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At this precise moment you realise you’ve made a huge mistake – that’s how it normally goes.Annoyingly they’re still really good friends, which means they probably sit and bitch about me together, but that just means I’m worth talking about so go for it boos!