Dating and relationships for men

04-Nov-2019 00:33

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He may sulk or pout after a ego shattering experience, but help your man-child nurse his ego back to life, and you’ll have a happy relationship where he’ll helplessly depend on you to make him feel like a better man. Now what may seem attractive to one man doesn’t always have to be attractive to another, but it always comes down to infatuation at first sight for all men.

Men think they care about a woman’s personality Most men think they’re intellectual and deep, but they always fall for looks over anything else. But at the same time, infatuation and love are two completely different emotions for men.

Men are easily impressed You may find this ridiculous, but it’s so true!

Men may know it and even be wary of it, but they just can’t help it.

Compliment a man and he’ll appreciate you for it, and think of you fondly each time he remembers that compliment.

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Men think they’re alright with being treated as an equal The modern man may assume that he’d perfectly happy in a world where women rule the world. Men have always been the breadwinners and the ones who play a dominant role in the relationship.

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Rekindle that instinct in a man and he’ll love you for it.

On the other hand, have you ever found your man butt naked and checking himself out in front of the mirror?

Chances are, someone’s told him he’s got a sexy backside.

Instead of trying to change your man to become your definition of a dream man, just use these simple tips.

And everything will fall perfectly into place, just as long as you remember how men think.Don’t ever shatter a man’s ego, he’ll hate you for it.

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