Courtship dating sample

02-Nov-2019 07:08

This ineffective parenting increases the probability that their children will grow up to engage in antisocial behavior of all sorts.

It is a general pattern of antisocial behavior, not specific lessons regarding dating or family violence, that is transmitted across generations in violent families (Simons 470).

It indicates that persons who engage in persistent aggression toward dating partners are likely to have a history of involvement in a variety of other antisocial behaviors (Simons 469).

Despite the fact that rates of partner abuse by males and females are similar, women report more injuries and a greater negative impact as a result of their male partners’ physical aggression (Ronfeldt 72).Antisocial behavior shows the characteristics of a behavior trait, a pattern of behavior that is expressed across time and situations.Dating violence is likely to be an expression of a more general antisocial pattern of behavior.There is a substantial body of evidence suggesting that violence in the family is a risk factor for the perpetration of partner abuse.

Men who witnessed interparental violence were three times more likely to hit their wives than men who did not (Ronfeldt 72).

Unfortunately, there has been little effort to apply this criminological perspective to dating violence.