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22-Oct-2019 02:23

The marketplace helps to level the playing field for businesses that may have been overcharged in the past.

Employers of all sizes can still shop outside the marketplace as long as they choose a plan that provides the minimum coverage offered on the marketplace (roughly a 60% actuarial value, and in compliance with the ACA).

Less than .2% of small businesses (10,000 out of 6 million) will actually have to provide insurance to full-time employees or pay the shared responsibility fee due to Obama Care.

The caveat, of course, is that some of those companies are some of Americas largest employers, and thus we are talking millions of folks getting covered through the mandate.

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every day for 200 days, the employee must be credited with 1,600 hours of service (8 hours for each day the employee would otherwise be credited with at least one hour of service x 200 days).

For example, if payroll records indicate an employee worked 2,000 hours and was paid for an additional 80 hours on account of vacation, holiday and illness, the employee must be credited with 2,080 hours of service (2,000 hours worked 80 hours for which payment was made or due).

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